zaterdag 16 maart 2013

Just Follow Your Heart...Maybe not so easy?

I think we are all familiar with these four words.
They are so easily said. And especially when having to make though decisions.

But what in fact, is following your heart?
Do you go with what you feel? Do you go with your gut? Or do you go with what's most logic?

I am sure I won't be able to answer all the questions I ask. Everyone experiences things differently and has another view on life. So there probably isn't a right or wrong answer.
But I would like to hear what you think about it.

A few days ago I came across a pretty interesting explanation for "following your heart". And I must say that I agree with this person that I do not know.

" I think ‘following your heart’ is more about following your intuition rather than your emotions. 
Emotions don’t originate in the heart, but are simply experienced through the heart. However, the heart IS the seat of your intuition.
Emotions, in contrast to intuition, are basically an inner reaction TO things that transpire in/outside yourself. Whereas intuition is more a form of inner guidance. So you could follow your heart without being all wrapped up in your emotions. In other words, the two are not synonymous with each other."

Intuition he says. Although this all makes perfect sense...
How do you know it is your intuition speaking?  How do you know for sure your emotions aren't clouding your intuition like they can cloud your judgement? How do we distinguish emotion from intuition? 

Until recently i haven't had the need to ask myself these questions. When going through difficult periods in your life, when everything is a mess and you start doubting yourself you start wondering what is and what isn't.

Sometimes the difference between emotion and intuition is quite clear. For example when going left or right. The first thing that comes to mind, is your intuition speaking. Or when you meet a new person and have an uneasy feeling about them, it is usually your intuition. 

What in fact is intuition?

According to the wiktionary: 

Intuition (plural intuitions):
  1. Immediate cognition (the process of knowing) without the use of conscious rational processes.
  2. perceptive insight gained by the use of this faculty.

I am referring to the first explanation. Seems reasonable right? But...

Our heart and mind and with that are emotions are well connected. 
It is because of this that our intuition is not always in reach.
We as humans think to much and are guided mostly by our emotions.
Emotions such as love, fear, anger and pain can cloud our judgement very much so.

For instance women who love so immensely that they accept everything from they're significant other and justify it with love. Or with the fear of losing love. They too feel they are following their heart. While they might be following their emotions or are afraid of the pain they'll have to go through.

And our mind? Usually follows logic. While what we feel doesn't have to be logical at all.

I think that only by balancing out all three aspects that we can use it to our advantage. Meaning that neither one of our emotions, thoughts or intuitions must outweigh the other.
And this can only be thought through life experiences.

For before this I had no idea I was following logic to much, while leaving what I feel in the dark. And my intuition? I thought what my heart felt and intuition were one and the same. 
I decided to ignore it. 
The two rings above are Logic and Emotion,
while the ring below is Intuition.

But only through making mistakes we can truly learn what is right and wrong. And how to find balance in life.
Life isn't black or white!

So follow your heart right?
Hihi maybe not so easy after all...

3 opmerkingen:

  1. My opinion is When following your heart/intuition, you try not putting logica to your actions. Trying to understand ur action is what makes the desicion a hard choice.
    One can just do something and just stand behind their actions, learn from them.

    for example:
    " Something is telling me to do this... so i will just do it and see"

  2. My opinion is: When following your heart/intuition, try not to put logic to your actions.*